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Security & Data Recovery

Your data is the back-bone of your business and it needs to be protected from the many threats including:

  • Disaster - Can include fire, flood and general hardware failures
  • Malware/Virus Infection - Not only can malware steal your data, it can damage your system, and make your data inaccessible. Ransomware is an emerging malware that encrypts your data and then demands money in exchange for decrypting it again.
  • Intrusion - Criminals can gain access to your computer without you knowing. Don't make it easy for them.
  • Human Error - Ever accidently deleted something and couldn't get it back? Ensure that you have suitable backups in place for recovering lost or corrupted data.

As a Sophos partner WIZBANG IT can offer a comprehensive range of security and protection solutions as well as assist in determining and implementing the best backup and recovery solutions for you.

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